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This versatile and expandable digital video recording platform offers fully programmable high resolution Wavelet digital video recording. Available configurations include switching or real-time color multiplexing of up to 16 channels, and storage capacity may be configured for up to 50,000,000 events online. Video/data maybe queried and reviewed from any authorized PC with access to an Internet web browser. Designed specifically for enterprise-class multi-site digital video security applications, all of the NVR-9000 series components offer out-of-the-box compatibility with your company's existing CCTV, telecom and data networking equipment.


Cortex eWave Video is recorded using state-of-the-art Wavelet compression algorithms. Wavelet video compression offers very high-quality digital video storage at compression ratios up to 140:1 with visibly better image quality than MPEG-I/II or M-JPEG.


Video events may be defined as single-frame, multi-frame or timer-based video clips. Recorded image size and resolution may be programmed by individual camera or event type. Time-lapse recording can be programmed by date, time and camera. Frame rate, image size and compression level may also be user-defined. A qualified Administrator must perform these functions


All recorded video may be accessed remotely via direct dial-up, LAN/WAN connection or Internet protocol. A built-in web server provides interface to the database and video from any authorized web browser. Each NVR may be configured to automatically poll-in using secure Internet connections eliminating costly long-distance toll calls.


Each unit comes equipped with Ethernet, and network support is provided for TCP/IP protocol. Just assign an IP and connect to the Internet. Microsoft SSL secure sockets ensure security of all video and access to the device. Remotely administer and manage each device using a special web-based applet.

NVR Web Queries


The NVR on the web allows for interactive searches of your event video. You can search and display based on the following characteristics:


There are 4 different items that can be returned for your query: time-lapse, motion, triggered and thumbnails.


Works much like a conventional VCR.


Video is pre indexed time-lapse video based on the NVR's VMD (video motion detection) algorithms. The goal behind motion video is that you only want to look at "interesting video." Typically video that contains motion is "interesting".


Video is pre indexed time-lapse video based on external inputs. External inputs may be hooked up to an access control system.


With return a small image, acting as a visual index, for each volume returned by a query.


To select one of these return types, click in the box to the left of the type. When selected, a check mark appears in the box. To deselect, click again and the check mark disappears. You can select any or all of these search parameters for a single query. You can also search based on this single parameter, the system requires no other information.


The video resolution of the returned video can be Full, CIF or QCIF. Full is returned as 720X488, CIF as 360X244 and QCIF as 180X122. Only one option may be selected for this parameter. To select a video resolution, click in the circle to the left of the types. A black dot appears in the circle. To deselect, click again and the black dot disappears.

You can also change this parameter after a query is performed. This way you can perform a query and download low-resolution video, and when an interesting segment is found you can download a higher resolution video clip.

Date & Time

The search can also be done based on a beginning and ending time. The date must be entered as month/day/year (12/05/99). You may use both 4 digit or 2 digit (1999 becomes 99) years. The time may be entered in military or civilian standards, but both must include hours and minutes (17:14 or 5:14). If a time is specified there must be at least one space between the time and the date. If civilian time is used a least one space must separate the time and the AM/PM flag. If no time is specified, 12 midnight will be used.

If Beginning is omitted all video before Ending will be returned. If Ending is omitted all video after Beginning will be returned. If both Beginning and Ending are omitted all video will be returned.






ERROR! a year must be specified as part of the date



ERROR! a date must be in mm/dd/yy or mm/dd/yyyy format

6:00 PM


ERROR! a time by itself is not valid



All video after December 27, 1997 will be returned

12/27/97 6:00 PM


All video after 6:00 PM on December 27, 1997 will be returned

12/27/97 18:00


All video after 6:00 PM on December 27, 1997 will be returned



All video on December 27, 1997 will be returned (midnight-midnight)

12/27/97 6:00 PM

7:00 PM

ERROR! a date must be specified for the Ending time

12/27/97 6:00 PM

12/27/97 7:00 PM

All video between 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on December 29, 1997 will be returned


12/27/97 7:00 PM

All before 7:00 PM on December 29, 1997 will be returned


The last search parameter is the camera. You can search based on all cameras or one camera. The default is all cameras, listed in the camera's text field. To select a particular camera, click on the down arrow. A list of cameras appears. Drag the mouse down to the appropriate camera, the camera name highlights, and release the mouse button. The camera selected is listed in the camera's text field. This parameter can be used alone or in conjunction with the other search parameters.

MPX input

Alarm conditions of additional cameras are fed into the NVR’s using the event activity created in the digital multiplexers.

These images are dedicated to port 1 of each NVR on site. This optimizes all scheduling and other function from the Multiplexers

Analog tape

An analog tape device may also be used to idle tag to keep comfort for the low tech.

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