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Effective: January 2005

Rates and Conditions

Electrical Labor Rates

Service Call Minimum On Hour
Project Manager $ 125.00
Forman $ 85.00
Journeyman  $ 78.00
Apprentice $ 62.00
Helper  $ 59.00
AV Programmer/Technician $ 85.00 – $ 165.00
Additional Tech Services Info

Additional Information

Travel Time

Travel time will be billed one way to the site for a maximum of one hour per day / call.
All service calls will be charged travel time in addition to the one-hour service call minimum.Locations more than 30 miles may exceed this amount. Some remote locations may exceed this amount.


An overtime rate of not less than 1.5 times the above hourly rates and not more than 2 times the above hourly rates will be charged after any of the following conditions occur:


a)         More than 8 hours work performed in the same day by the same man/men

b)         any work required after 5:00 PM

c)         any work performed Saturdays or Sundays


We make every effort to stock the most common item on our service vehicles and carry any particular items we may expect for your particular job, with over 25,000 common items we cannot carry everything. Therefore should it become necessary for our staff to purchase specific parts to complete your job, time incurred will be charged. You may choose to order and reschedule the work but travel time will again be charged. A deposit of 50% for fixtures, bulbs, or special order equipment will be required. Sales tax will be charged for all materials

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