Controls systems are integrated to today's projects to simplify your life. For nearly 20 years Current Electric has provided it's customers with leading edge systems and solutions. We now feature AMX  systems and NetLinx processor reliability, speed , and power. We can now provide a multitude of control interface options from wired and wireless Touch Panels to remote access via the NetLinx dedicated web based server. 

Now any browser capable device can be used to verify or control virtually any device locally or remotely. Service can be used on LAN (Local Area Net Works ) or WAN (Wide Area Networks) via the internet and broadband connections. 

Systems Consolidation

Systems designs by CECAD, Inc. generally include a multitude of sub systems. Our purpose is to integrate, consolidation and streamline the many systems used in today’s technological living and working environments. The major sub systems involved are briefly discussed below


Lighting is an integral and vital part of our environment. New sources and systems have created a need for more specific control and functions of lighting. The use of presets or scenes eliminates the clutter and confusion created when multiple switches or dimmers were used an entry points in the past

Electric lights have been used in homes for nearly one hundred years now. When first introduced they were viewed by some as difficult to use. The standard before that was the gas lantern. Controls for the gas lantern were located on the fixture. Electric light provided the added convenience of allowing many lanterns to be lit from one location and the wall switch was born. Soon all found this standard to be optimal and this is what our recent ancestors and we grew up with.

Our philosophy at CECAD, Inc. is that controls should be intuitive. Our programs are all standardized and should feel natural upon first encounter. We have found that the first and last buttons on the keypads are the most intuitive. Therefore we utilize this for basic space entry and exit. We do not believe that keypads must be engraved or labeled. Are the switches you use today labeled? Engraving is part of our service but we still believe that you should be able to enter a space without stopping to read.


Distributed audio with direct source selection is a system used by most and can increase greatly in the appreciation of any space and any time spent there. Modes or Global functions can allow one command to preset the entire space for any activity


Surveillance video can now be at you’re your fingertip for control. Never before has operating multi camera systems been so easy to do. Recording options are various and change from project to project.

Voice / Data / Video






Cable Management Center


Doors & Windows


Smoke / Heat Detectors

Interior Motion Sensors

Integration Hardware & Software

Advanced Features Pre wired for 


Fixed Cameras

PTZ Cameras

PTZ Controls






Integration Items

NVR (Network Video Recorder)


Simple Volume Controls





Integrated Wall Controls


            LED Panel                                              LCD Panel

16 Button RF

32 Button RF



 Wired Touch Panels

AMX 4” Panel

AMX 6” Panel

AMX 10.4” Panel

Wireless Touch Panels (Radio Frequency)



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