Touch Panels


Icons and buttons have simple use. There are different uses that you may be familiar with in your car radio, specifically PUSH and HOLD activities. In auto radio systems the station selector uses a PUSH to select a station and a HOLD to program a station to that button. We have gone a little further on this simple example


Most functions require only the light push of the desired icon on the screen

The push is usually, but not always, confirmed by the image change of the icon (button)

A beep may also be used to confirm a push


Some functions require a hold on the icon for the programmed event to be initialized.

Some hold functions require a hold and drag. Volume bars are an example of these

Other functions are Hold actuated to require concentrated use. Resets and global commands are often holds.


The panel will automatically into a Sleep Mode if not used for a preset amount of time. This is to minimize LCD on time and maximize pixel life

To wake the panel touch anywhere on the screen

Side Buttons

Some panels have side buttons that act in the same way as the icon style touch buttons. Push and hold functions are also available.


Touching buttons at the bottom of the panel will change the display image and function

Each button will take you to the page indicated. The high lit background indicates the current page.

Two buttons are common to all CECAD page designs. They are


            Previous takes you back to the last page visited


             Home takes you to the main title page.

Pop Up Pages

Popup pages are used to bring controls up from main pages on the Touch Panel. To control a function within a space simply touch that space and any related Pop Up will appear.

Once you have made your adjustments use the Previous  button to return. If you do not the Pop Up will time out and return in 30 – 60 seconds.

No other buttons may be used when a Pop Up is active

Sample Pages

Lighting Pop Up

Push a button to activate a scene. Once a scene has been initiated the Raise and Lower buttons will effect only those lights in the last scene activated


Audio Pop Up

Push a source button to hear the desired source. Hold and Drag the volume to adjust the volum




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