As the 20-year-old #1 manufacturer of hard disk systems for Radio and with thousands of systems in use worldwide, Arrakis brings to the consumer market the technology that has been used by broadcasters for years. The DC & DL series hard disk jukeboxes bring the features and reliability of hard disk technology to consumer & commercial applications requiring storage and playback of large libraries of audio. While actually less expensive than professional CD jukeboxes, they are much smaller, tens of times more reliable, require no routine maintenance, and play to 3 audio zones simultaneously from a single library on hard disk.

Replaces CD Jukeboxes in audio systems

Stores audio on fast, reliable Hard Disk drives

DC-4 plays 3 zones from a single hard disk library (DL4 up to 96)

No CD cue delay - Instant play from thousands of songs

Outlasts CD players - hard disks have >20 year typical life

Easy to load music -or- choose preloaded Music Libraries

Choose integrated front panel control -or- control by leading whole house audio control systems

To Record A CD

  1.  Load the CD to be recorded into the computer CDROM and close

  2.  Wait to see if Windows CD player opens.

  3.  If Windows CD player opens close it,      

                                                              i.                                              Easy-Record will not work if the Windows CD player is running!

    4.       Open Music Link from Windows desk top by clicking icon twice

    5.       Select Easy Record on the Music Link Screen

    6.       Type in the Artist Name and CD Name

    7.       Click Record to start recording


                    The CD will record and stop when completed


Bubble Help

Music Link is supported via bubble help. This is a common windows technique that uses small “bubbles” to pop up when the mouser pointer is held over a control button for a second or so.

Arrakis           Music-Link Screen

Arrakis Legend

Operational Items:

Music Zone 1 – Selects Zone 1 to Effect / View

Music Zone 2 – Selects Zone 2 to Effect / View

Music Zone 3 – Selects Zone 3 to Effect / View

Title – Enter CD or Track to find

Stop - Stop Current Zone Play

Play - Start Current Zone Play

<< C – Select Previous CD

D >> - Select Next CD Change CD

< TR – Select Previous Track

ack > - Select Next Track

Keyboard – Bring Up on screen Keyboard

Change -To Change CD Info (See Change CD)

Easy-R – Opens Easy Record (See Easy-Record)

Groups – Opens Group Window

Title – Sort by Title


Artist – Sort by Artist

CD # - Sort by CD#

TR # - Sort by Track #

Random / Sequential – Selects Play Mode

ALL / one – Selects all CD or ONE play

Setup – This button is for expert users only


Feed Back Items:

Disk – Displays Digital # Disk Playing

Title – Displays Current CD  / Group Title

Artist – Displays Current CD / Group Artist

Track - Displays Current Track  #

Title - Displays Current Track Title

Artist - Displays Current Track Artist

Length - Displays Current Track Length

Red Window – See Change, Easy-R, Groups

Red window above


Change CD Window

Delete CD – Does Just that

Delete Track from CD - Does Just that

Add Table of Contents- Place the same CD in the computer CDROM drive as the on selected and click this button to transfer track information (TOC)

Change Title / Artist – Use to modify selected CD Information

Easy-Record Window

Box 1 – Displays track #

Box :00:00:00.0 – Displays record time left

Title – Enter new CD Title here

Artist – Enter new CD Artist here

RECORD – Click here to start Record

Groups Window

Blue Box – Displays Group

New – Enter New Group

Change - Change Selected Group

Title – Enter Group Title Here

Artist – Enter Artist Here

Add Track – Click when done to add track

Save Changes – Saves info to group


CD – A recorded volume of songs, usually containing multiple tracks

Track – A single song

Group – A number of tracks or CD’s (256 tracks maximum) collected to be come a Digital CD (Play list)

Random – Allows random play of ONE CD ONLY

Sequential – Allows Sequential play of one or ALL CD’s

All –Allows Sequential play to move to next CD use Only with Sequential MODE

One – Allows Random or Sequential Play of ONE CD ONLY or (Play List/Group)


Random Mode Use

To us a Group (Play list) in

Select Group (Disk #99XX)

Click Random / Sequential to RANDOM

Click All / One to ONE

Click Play

All songs (up to 256) will be played in a random order form this group then the cycle will repeat


If Random and All are selected play will be irregular, songs may repeat


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