Doors & Window

          All exterior openings are trapped with magnetic contacts on supervised wiring allowing non-alarm events such as broken wires to be reported without creating an alarm.

          Each contact is homerun wired to a panel or zone expansion enclosure.

          Each contact is then assigned an individual zone and given an English language identification that is reported to the Alpha Numeric keypads and the central office when trouble or alarm is triggered.



          Keypads are Alpha Numeric and provide visual indication of alarm and zone status. Multiple partitions will be active allowing separate arming of defined areas such as the Pool House, Master Suite, and perimeters.


Smoke / Heat Detectors

          Supplemental Smoke and Heat detectors will be monitored 24 hours a day and report to central station and locally.

          Water flow monitoring is also enabled to report sprinkler use or potential water leaks in sprinkler system

          Local fire bell status will also be announced to central office


Voice notifications

          Sirens are supplemented with voice prompt devices to provide the homeowner with specific information during alarm activity.

          Spoken words including warnings to intruders replace standard siren only annunciations.


Interior Motion Sensors

          Dual technology passive infrared and microwave devices are installed in key interior spaces to provided information regarding movement within the house.

          May be used when alarmed or for input to integration for gathering space use information


Art Zone Contacts

          Contact devices are wired at art plug locations to protect and record activity of art work.

          These devices may alarm or announce only


Integration Hardware & Software

          These items allow the alarm devices to be used by the Phast system for input of area conditions and stauts to control environmental functions


Advanced Features Pre wired for

          Pre wire is included to allow Touch Panels to Arm / Disarm at master bedroom entry and bedside

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