CECAD HomeWorks Keypad

Basic HomeWorks Keypad Programming Layout

Electric lights have been used in homes for nearly one hundred years now. When first introduced they were viewed by some as difficult to use. The standard before that was the gas lantern. Controls for the gas lantern were located on the fixture. Electric light provided the added convenience of allowing many lanterns to be lit from one location and the wall switch was born. Soon all found this standard to be optimal and this is what our recent ancestors and we grew up with.

Our philosophy at CECAD, Inc. is that controls should be intuitive. Our programs are all standardized and should feel natural upon first encounter. We have found that the first and last buttons on the keypads are the most intuitive. Therefore we utilize this for basic space entry and exit. We do not believe that keypads must be engraved or labeled. Are the switches you use today labeled? Engraving is part of our service but we still believe that you should be able to enter a space without stopping to read.

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